How It Works

So let's take a look at how to sell your buggy

Complete a FREE Online Valuation

Select your buggy’s details and condition - it’s quick and easy!

Search for your buggy, pram or pushchair. Within minutes you’ll be a step closer to answering that nagging question of "how do I sell my buggy online?"

(See our Buggy Condition Guidelines)

Get Your Quote

We’ll let you know how much we’re going to pay you for your buggy

We'll need a few details from you before you see your quote. If you’re happy with our offer, the next step is to tell us your preferred payment method and complete the process.

Package Your Buggy

Package your buggy yourself

We will contact you to arrange the collection of your pushchair. You will be expected to package your own pushchair, as compactly as possible, using bubble wrap and biner liners.

We Collect Your Buggy

On a date appropriate for you

Once your pushchair is packaged, please contact us and we will organise a next day courier collection. Simple!

We Buy Your Buggy

We seek to pay you as soon as possible

Once we receive your buggy at our warehouse, we seek to pay you within 5-7 working days after checking your item. Yes, it's that simple - guaranteed money for no hassle!