Buggy Condition Guidelines

WeBuyYourBuggy will accept items with any of the following defects, but your valuation is likely to be lowered owing to labour and spare parts costs:

  • Brakes are completely broken
  • Significant damage to any part which means it is broken or unusable
  • Strong smell of any kind (including cigarette or food odours)
  • Pushchair has sharp edges or points which can cause harm
  • Pushchairs with wheels that are not secure/stable
  • Pushchairs missing parts or wheels entirely
  • Wheels are in such bad condition, ie they’re badly aligned or the level of wear and tear means they’re beyond repair and a danger to the user
  • The pushchair’s folding mechanism is faulty – ie it doesn’t operate smoothly, the locking or foldig system doesn’t work efficiently or it collapses while in use
  • The pushchair lacks general stability when pushed in all directions (forewards, backwards and sideways left and right
  • Pushchair's tubes or linkages have been bent by heavy impact 
  • The pushchair has rust or flaking paint or chrome
  • The fabric is in a very badly worn condition and weakened by tears
  • The handles and frame should have no unusual bends or kinks
  • Pushchairs that do not have a five-point (rather than three-point) harness, as this conforms to current safety standards
  • Pushchairs with broken safety harnesses
  • Pushchairs without the British Standard sticker BS 7409
  • Accessories when sold to us must be in working/usable condition


It would be preferable if the pushchair retains:

  • A clearly visible safe-use warning label
  • The permanent label headed ‘Carelessness Causes Fire’ present indicating compliance with the flammability requirements
  • A manual included 
  • A raincover (if sold with one)


If you are selling us accessories with your pushchair, items must be in a working condition. If any accessories we receive are broken, ripped or torn it may result in a reduction of the quoted price or the item being rejected (please see our Terms & Conditions).

All orders are subject to our acceptance at our sole discretion. All items are checked by our quality control team. For any items that do not meet these Condition Guidelines WeBuyYourBuggy will either not make payment or will offer a revaluation and WeBuyYourBuggy's decision on this is final. Items that fail the quality process or ones sent that have not been included in the original trade can be returned at the expense of the customer as set out in ‘Return Postage Costs’ below. Where a revaluation has occurred and the seller doesn't want to sell for the revalued price, the item can be returned at the expense of the customer as set out in ‘Return Postage Costs’ below. Any items which the customer does not wish to be returned will be recycled responsibly.

RETURN POSTAGE COSTS: £22.50 or customer’s own self-sourced courier 

The seller will be informed of any items which have failed the quality control assessment process by email. Should WeBuyYourBuggy not receive any response within 3 working days of the initial email, a phone call will be made to the seller and if necessary a message will be left. If WeBuyYourBuggy receives no response within 24 hours of this phone call the cost of damaged or poor quality or missing items will be removed from the offer and damaged or unusable items will be responsibly recycled.

In addition to the quality checks WeBuyYourBuggy reserves the right not to purchase particular items for any other reason at its sole discretion including anomalies in the data making up the offer price. In such instances no explanation will be provided however rejected items that fall under this category will be returned to you at the expense of WeBuyYourBuggy.